Water Usage Facts

How much water do you use?

Common Household Water Uses

Action: Amount of water used:
Toilet flush ­single cistern 10 litres 2.2 gallons
Toilet flush ­dual single flush 5 litres 1.1 gallons
Toilet flush ­dual full flush 10 litres 2.2 gallons
Bath 100 litres 21.9 gallons
Shower (10 minutes) 200 litres 43.9 gallons
Dishwasher load 50 litres 10.9 gallons
Washing machine load 150 litres 32.9 gallons
Drinking, cooking, cleaning
per person per day
10 litres 2.2 gallons
Hand basin per use 5 litres 1.1 gallons
Garden sprinkler per hour 1000 litres 210.0 gallons
Garden drippier per hour 4 litres 0.9 gallons
Car washing with hose 200 litres 43.9 gallons
Hosing driveway 100 litres 21.9 gallons
Brushing teeth with tap running 5 litres 1.1 gallons


Fun Water Facts

  1. Water or ice covers about 80% of the world.
  2. Only 1% of the world’s water is suitable for human needs, 97% is salt water in the ocean and 2% is ice.
  3. An average person can survive for nearly two months without food, but less than a week without drinking water.
  4. The human body loses 3 to 3.5 litres of water in an average day. This may be Increased by exer-cise and climatic conditions.
  5. An average tap flows at a rate of 20 litres per minute, depending on how far it’s turned on.

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