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Why should I buy a Duraplas poly tank over other brands?
AThe ‘New Generation’ design features are what make Duraplas tanks really stand out. The quality really is second to none! Much heavier shot weights and strict quality control measures ensure you are buying the best. Duraplas Tanks have proven the test of time in the harsh Australian environment.

Duraplas Industries is an “Australian, family owned business which has been manufacturing locally since 1984.” That’s right, the same owners since the early eighties. This is unique in the tank industry and ensures you peace of mind that you are dealing with people that really care. Your tank is covered by a warranty you can TRUST!

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What are the dimensions of your water tanks?
AAll tank dimensions are listed on our website next to each available tank model. Click here to browse our range of tanks (and see tank dimensions). Dimensions are approximate as the shrinkage rate does vary slightly depending on the conditions when manufactured. As the tanks are roto-moulded using a mould, the dimensions cannot be changed but there are several other options available. Please contact one of our friendly sales consultants for more details.

Will delivery of my tank cost anything and what do I need to do to prepare?

To read more about delivery of your water tank, please make a selection below:

>> Poly tank (and accessories) delivery information

How long can I expect to wait before my Duraplas tank is delivered?
AOnce Duraplas has confirmed receipt of your order we are committed to ensure that your Duraplas tank is delivered to your property within 4 weeks*. Longer Lead Times may occur for premium colours, special orders or delivery regions outside of the standard delivery area or an area 200km from nearest depot.

To read more about delivery of your water tank, please make a selection below:

>> Poly tank (and accessories) delivery information

What tank colours are available?
ADuraplas has a wide range of stylish colours available to suit your property. To view our range of tank colours available, please refer to our tank colour range page by clicking here.

What will my new water tank cost?
AOur tanks are always very competitively priced. Due to our huge range of tank types and sizes, there is also a wide price range to fit your budget. Contact our friendly team and they can talk you through all the details of the tank you’re interested in and provide you with a great value quote. Click here to browse our range of tanks – just let us know which tank/s you’re interested in so we can provide you with the best possible deals available in the industry.

What payment methods are accepted?
AWe accept the following payment methods:

1. Completing an EFT Transfer (bank deposit) into our account using your online banking system (or at a Commonwealth Bank Branch).

2. BPAY Payment is available. BPAY payment details can be provided once a tax invoice has been generated.

3. Visa or Mastercard. Phone us during business hours to have a payment securely processed using your Visa or Mastercard on 1300 DURAPLAS (1300 387 275). Please note: payments made using either Visa or Mastercard will incur a 1% merchant fee surcharge.

Does my new tank come with a warranty?
ADuraplas Industries is an “Australian, family owned business which has been manufacturing locally since 1984.” That’s right the same owners since the early eighties. This is unique in the tank industry and ensures you peace of mind that you are dealing with people that really care. Your tank is covered by a warranty you can TRUST.

Duraplas Water Tanks are warranted to perform the function for which they were designed, namely holding potable water at ambient rainwater temperatures for a period of 20 years. Lattice underground tanks are warranted for a period of 10 years. Industrial, chemical, molasses tanks, troughing and boats are warranted for a period of 5 years. All warranties are subject to the conditions on the full warranty which can be found under the ‘Further Info’ menu bar.

To read more about your tank warranty, please make a selection below:

>> Poly tank warranty information

What fittings are included when I purchase a Duraplas Tank?
AWater tanks come standard with one stainless steel mesh leaf strainer, a ‘Watermarked’ brass outlet and ball valve (25mm – 40mm) and an overflow pipe complete with a stainless steel mesh cap.

Molasses tanks come standard with a poly screw in manhole lid and a 50mm – 80mm brass outlet (100mm outlet is available at a surcharge).

A comprehensive range of rain harvesting fittings and accessories are available and can be viewed on the tank accessories page.

All Duraplas tanks have shot weights which exceed industry standards. This ensures that your tank has thicker walls and is more robust. Computer aided production programmes and unique moulding techniques produces thicker wall sections down low – where the strength is required. All shot weights are guaranteed and can be viewed for each tank size under the tank descriptions. Ultra sound testing of the tanks ensures that they all meet the strict guidelines of AS/NZ4766 standard.

Duraplas Tanks are designed for above ground installations but can easily handle partial back filling for either one side or partial all round submersion. Please see our installation guide for more info. If you have any further questions please contact our friendly staff.

water tank fittings and inclusions

Why should I buy a poly tank over a steel tank? What are the main advantages?
ABoth poly and steel tanks are great products, but poly tanks are more popular for a number of key reasons.

Poly Tank Strengths:

  • Very cost effective
  • Robust, durable and easy to handle and install
  • Wide array of colours to match most colorbond colours
  • 20 year manufacturer’s warranty

Poly Tanks provide the best value-for-money, they have a similar life expectancy, a wider range of colours, and are more easy to handle and install. Our experienced team are happy to discuss the various options and assist with any queries you might have, just use our contact us page.

What’s the best way to get my tank installed? Does Duraplas offer an installation service?
AOur experienced team will manufacture and deliver your new rainwater tank. The best trades-person to provide installation services in your area, is a qualified plumber (however quite a number of our clients install the tank themselves). Unfortunately we are not directly able to provide installation services at this time, but with numerous plumbers to choose from, installation help isn’t far away. Certainly if you have a plumber you have used before and are happy with, that is the best place to start. We have an installation guide on our website detailing the base requirements for our different types of tanks. It is best practice for any trades-person or self-installer to follow these directions for warranty purposes.  

Can you take away my old tank when delivering the new one?
AUnfortunately existing rainwater tank removal is not a service we can provide, often old rainwater tanks are being replaced because of structural problems and thus are too risky to transport on the road. We suggest cutting the tank up into smaller, more manageable sections and disposing of the tank via a recycling service.

Can I safely drink rainwater from the tanks you provide?
AOur Poly Tanks are made from food grade materials, safe for potable grade drinking water.

Will your tanks give drinking water an unpleasant ‘plastic’ taste?
AOur poly tanks are made from food grade materials and will not give drinking water an unpleasant ‘plastic’ taste.

We would suggest that all our clients ensure that all pipework (downpipes and supply lines) be checked to ensure they are made from food grade material. The great water from a food grade tank can be tainted by cheap non-food grade pipework.

Where are your tanks manufactured?
AOur Poly Tanks are manufactured on the North Coast of NSW, centrally located to service areas as far south as Canberra ACT and as far north as Rockhampton QLD (and even areas beyond that upon request).

What do I need to do before the tank arrives?
A A few key points to think about or check before your new tank arrives:

  • Check your invoice to ensure the tank you will receive is correct including dimension, colour and fitting layout.
  • Check for overhead clearance, depending on the size of the tank(s) on the truck, our trucks can sometimes be up to 4.8 meters tall
  • Check for access obstructions to the ‘tank site’ or ‘pad’
  • We suggest for the smoothest possible placement of the tank that the ‘tank site’ or ‘pad’ be prepared (to our recommendations as per our website) prior to the delivery date.

Do I need State or Local Government approval to install a rainwater tank?
AState Government approval is not needed, however depending on your land zone and Local Government laws some Local Government approval may be needed.

In most cases tanks of a volume less than 10,000 litres may not need approval, however the best way to clarify this is with a quick phone call to your local council. While you are on the phone with them, ask whether they have rebates available for rainwater tanks.  There are still quite a number of councils and water companies providing rebates in local areas.

Do you sell used or second grade tanks?
AWe offer excellent A1 quality 1st grade tanks at excellent prices. We do not offer second grade products for sale at this time.

Can you conduct a site visit to my property?
AUnfortunately we are not in a position to assist with requests for onsite consultation. Whilst we are certainly happy to arrange for the sale and delivery of rainwater tanks, if a site visit is required we recommend you engage the services of a licensed plumber local to your area, who will be able to offer guidance on the best place to install your tank.

Do you offer a trade discount?

It is our aim at Duraplas to be the best tank manufacturer and supplier in all aspects. We strive to provide service that is second to none along with unbeatable prices. When you contact us for a quote, talk to our team about any deals that may be on offer – you’ll most likely be getting the best price possible already.

Can I cut the top off a round design poly tank and convert it to be used as a swimming / plunge pool?
AQuite a few people make this request of us so it’s not that unusual an idea. The major problem you will encounter in cutting down a poly tank is that once the lid has been cut off, the tanks lose their structure (support) and even when filled with water the tank will continue to collapse in on itself rendering the idea of using as a plunge pool worthless.

We do however offer an alternative in the form of an aquaculture poly tank which is designed to hold its shape without a lid. These aquaculture tanks can be viewed here.

How do I know what tank size is best for my needs? How much rainwater can my home roof / shed roof / hard surface capture?

There are 3 main factors to consider when choosing a rainwater tank/s:

1. Space available

2. Supply available (i.e. roof space X average rainfall)

3. Demand for water

Space available:

This is simply the amount of room there is for a tank within the chosen area. We rate this as the most important factor for urban situations.

Supply available:

For every 1 square meter of roof space, for every 1mm of rainfall, 1 litre of catchment into the tank is produced. (Roof space (m2) X rainfall (mm) = catchment in litres)

So by that we can estimate the average monthly supply.

For example the average rainfall per month for Coffs Harbour is about 95mm. (less in winter and much more during the summer months)

So for example, the roof catchment space is 250 square meters

250 x 95 = 23,750 litres of catchment per month.

Demand for water:

Now if the tank was supplying water for all your needs (which is unlikely in an urban situation), the average adult uses about 220 litres per day.

If there were say for example 3 adult people living in the home, the average DAILY usage would be 660 litres. Worked out monthly that would equate to about 19,800 litres of average usage.

However if the water was just being used for watering the gardens, the average 1/2″ garden tap delivers water at a rate of approximately 12-15 litres per minute. For example, watering for 30 mins a day from one garden tap would use approximately 405 litres. Do that every day for a month and you would use 12,150 litres.

So really it’s a balancing act between supply, demand and available space.

We have a Great Catchment and Usage Calculator on our website to help you see how this would apply to your project.

Do I need a pump for my tank?
AIn most cases a pump is recommended. Without a pump, the natural water flow out of the tank will be in a very weak steady fashion. Of course if the tank is high up (say on a hill) and the water is being supplied to a much lower location, than gravity will increase the natural flow and pressure. But for most applications where the tank is on the same level as the home or garden, then a pump would be needed to provide meaningful pressure.

How do I know which pump will best suit my needs?
AWe have a number of quality pump options available to suit a wide variety of applications.

A number of factors can influence what style or size of pump will work best for you.

3 basic options that are most common:

  • Reefe PRJ55E Pump: Great for running a sink in a shed, or 1-2 garden hoses, washing the car or topping up the pool.
  • Reefe PRJ80E Pump: Great for a running a more extensive system, such a small to medium dwelling.
  • Reefe  RHMS67-120 Pump: Ideal for large multi-storey homes or units. Multi stage operation for less noise.

Two other Options that include a Rain to Mains Controller/valve  are listed below (a Rain to Mains Controller/valve automatically switches supply from tank water to mains water when needed, great for urban installations)

We also can also supply other Calpeda, Dab and Reefe Pump options upon request. Contact our friendly staff to discuss size and pricing options.

Are slimline tanks more expensive than rounds tanks?
ARound tanks have a naturally strong shape and are more efficient to manufacture. The oblong upright shape of slimline tanks requires more material and structural support when compared with round tanks. The extra material and the extra care required to produce a slimline tank add to the costs of the tank itself (i.e. r Round 5,000 litre poly tank needs 125 kg of material whereas a slimline tank of the same volume requires 250kg).

Some of your underdeck and underground tanks look very similar, is there a difference?
AThere is a very important difference between underground tanks and underdeck tanks. Underdeck tanks are tanks that will not be buried and as such do not need to be as heavy duty as underground tanks. While some models of our underdeck tank range may look similar to our underground tanks, the thickness of the tank wall is much greater for the underground variants. It is crucially important that the correct model tank is ordered for the specific purpose. If the tank is going to be backfilled with soil-fill or buried, then an underground tank will be needed. As underground tanks are heavier and require more materials to manufacture, they are more expensive to produce than their underdeck counterparts.

What tank outlet/overflow location should I choose? How should I figure this out? Is there a common recommended setup?
A Depending on the type of tank, there are a number of fitting position options we provide to assist with installation. Having the outlet or overflow pointing in the right direction off the tank can really make the plumbing look very neat and professional.

Each tank installation is different, and as such, there is no ‘recommended’ or ‘standard’ tank layout. We would recommend (in consultation with a plumber, if required) sketching out the potential layout. Consider the available options for each tank type and the plumbing connections; filling the tank from the roof, overflowing to the stormwater service and the outlet to the pump.

Please refer to the tank outlet and overflow locations diagram which is included along with each tank listing, which will help you identify the best setup, or feel free to contact our friendly staff if you need assistance with this.

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  • "Thank you for your service & prompt delivery"

    Steve Monteath
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank the driver who delivered my water tank today. You are a lucky company to have such an employee. I have spent over 40 years in education & policing & it is an honour to come across young men who stand proud & tall & are a credit to themselves, their families & their employer. The water tank is on site & the pump arrived whilst the driver placed it into position. Thank you for your service & prompt delivery. I will be passing on your contact details to friends & family advising them of your service & the 'quality' of the product. Once again thank you, Steve Monteath
  • "The Driver Nathan was very competent"

    Mark R from Robertson, NSW
    To The Manager, I recently had two water tanks delivered here at Robertson by your Company, The Driver Nathan was very competent and also keen to get on with his other deliveries so we didn’t get to thank him as well as we hoped. Please pass on our many thanks to him. Thanks once Again, Mark R, Robertson, NSW
  • "well-oiled machine"

    Guys I am in the process of buying a 22,700 water tank. I would like to bring to your attention one of your employees Mr Adam Briggs. I have asked advice about many different issues & this guy has replied promptly, given great advice & has been a pleasure to deal with. I work for National Parks & look after Sydney Harbour, I have staff & know the importance of having good staff. This guy is an asset to your company. The overall make up of your company I can see already is a professional well-oiled machine. Well Done. Regards, Darren
  • Everything was done and dusted within ½ hr of the off load and the driver was on his way. Perfect.

    Hi Russell,
    Thank you for my tank received yesterday as advised. The comprehensive instructions and information available on your web page enabled me to prepare the site and ropes for the tank prior to delivery. Everything was done and dusted within ½ hr of the off load and the driver was on his way.  Perfect. By the way, your driver Greg. He denied us the pleasure of his company to share a tea break with us in his haste to get to Brisbane. We hope he made it before sunset.
    A very pleasant and stress free experience.
    Thank you.
    Regards, Paul


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